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Review of the movie Gatta Kusthi 2022

Review of the movie Gatta Kusthi

Gatta Kusthi is a rural comedy and is effective and enjoyable as it gets it right. Right from the posters to the trailer, the makers didn’t forget to drum in the idea that the film is an old-fashioned story with simple ambitions. This movie is totally based on comedy.

gatta kusthi

There isn’t much innovation in writing with the film potentially, this is not the first time we see a bold heroine pretending to be timid, just to get married to a dim-witted, rugged villager. Gatta Kusthi has enough interesting ideas to keep us entertained. For starters, the film begins with a fight sequence that segues into the backstory of the lead.

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Vishnu Visual as Veera is as effective as the scared, submissive man. It is a relief to see him stick to the character till the very end, without suddenly turning savior.

While Gatta Kusthi seems to have its heart in the right place, bad writing choices let it down in crucial places. For instance, when Vishnu’s Veera tells Karunas that he only prefers a long-haired girl. Karunas says it is a wise decision as Veera can grab hold of his wife’s hair, place her head under his feet and stomp her, just like he does.

In another crucial moment, an emotional Keerthi says she put up with her painful marriage after sacrificing her dreams and identity.

Though the film tells several times that women aren’t slaves to men and they deserve better treatment inside.

In the final act of Gatta Kusthi, Veera pressurizes the wrestling committee to conduct a bizarre face-off that goes against the rule book.

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