Review of The Movie Goodbye 2022

Review of the Movie Goodbye

This story starts when Tara Bhalla misses her father Harish’s phone calls. Her world falls apart when she wakes up to discover that those calls were made to inform her of her mother Gayatri’s untimely demise.


We never know when’s the last time we will get to see or talk to our parents & loved ones. A funeral drama, tragicomedy, satire on death, the conflict between the old and new values, and closure. Vikas Bahl’s film tries to juggle genre and time. Housing a grieving tale with a comic twist has a poignant premise. Unlike the other two, the characters here are one-dimensional and superficial.

To watch this movie:

Goodbye is not an easy watch if you have lost a parent or are dealing with an ailing one. The idea of losing a parent itself is difficult to fathom, but the execution struggles to establish a tone.

The story oscillates between some heart-warming moments and then something absolutely irrelevant. The conflict between the family members is more Baghban than Piku, though it tries to lean towards the altar. The story also feels stagnant beyond a point.

While you wish there was more of Neena Gupta in the film, she makes the most of her endearing part. This territory isn’t new to Amitabh Bachchan but in his 80th year. he once again reinforces the fact that a good actor can elevate a script. His portrayal of sorrow and loneliness is heartbreaking. Rashmika Mandana, in her debut Hindi film, struggles with the accent as she sounds too out for a Punjabi role but gets the essence of her character right.

Goodbye is a story of a family coping with grief and laughing through their pain.

Advice: Keep the tissues handy before watching this one.

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