Review of the Movie Kantara 2022

Review of the Movie Kantara

Kantara made an extreme place in cinema, with many more National Awards than this writer could ever hope to win. The beautiful amalgamation of action, thrill, faith, and mythology in this powerful film ranks among the best efforts by any Indian filmmaker in recent times.


Kantara shows just what is possible when a good storyteller tells an original land rooted in the land and its culture. Kantara is the age-old story of man vs nature, villagers vs zamindars, and the thirst for land and money.

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The story is set around a village in south Karnataka where a king had given that land to the villagers 150 years ago. In 1990 when the story was set, an upright forest officer was trying to curb tree felling and hunting in that land which is now a reserve forest.

Leading the charge against this is the village strongman Shiva and he is supported by the king’s descendant the villager’s sahib.

The background score and music from Ajaneesh Loknath complement the camera work totally. The score brings out the myths, culture, and feels of the land where Kantara is set, taking you into the heart of the story so easily that you forget you are sitting in a movie theater in another part of the country.

This review would be incomplete without the mention of how colorfully and glamorously the film portrays the local festivities and rituals. That guttural scream from the Daiva gives you goosebumps on more than one occasion. Without spoiling anything, I can just say that climax, while being a complete masala Indian film offering, elevates the film to another level.

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