Review of the Movie Khakee 2022

Review of the Movie Khakee

Netflix has been trying its best to give good content to its Indian users, and with this regard, they have now released a new series titled Khakee: The Bihar chapter. This series got a decent buzz as the famous writer-director Neeraj Pandey is the creator. This series is streaming on the OTT platform.


Coming to the story this story is based on the book ‘Bihar Diaries’ it is based on the true story of How Bihar’s Most Dangerous Criminal Was Caught written by Amit Lodha. This series opens with how politics and criminal activities go hand in hand in the state of Bihar. We are given the introduction of IPS officer Amit Lodha played by Karan Tacker. At the same time, Chandan Mahto, who started as a nobody doing small chores, became a powerful criminal posing a significant threat to the public.

The entire setup of the series is nicely done, and we are well taken into the Nihari world prey well. The opening scene indicates how the criminals used to get support from the politician in the state and intrigues one.

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The show becomes interesting coming to an end, and the last episode particularly has good depth. In the end, a small mind game runs between the protagonist and the antagonist using technology existing then, which is interesting.

On the whole Khakee: The Bihar chapter is a passable show with a few good moments. The performances and the way the world of Bihar excite one, But the straightforward narration and lengthy runtime play the spoilsport. You can give it a try by watching it but let me tell you there’s nothing new that is showcased in the series.

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