Review of the movie Mili 2022

Review of the movie Mili

Mili: A contemporary horror of sorts. the premise is exciting but the circumstances don’t quite add up and events don’t stir up the panic and paranoia expected in a situation like this. Mili’s movie isn’t a thriller or a horror, but even for a survival drama of this nature, you expect clock ticking, temperature-dropping tension generates claustrophobic nervous energy.

This movie is adapted from the Malayalam movie ‘Helen’ by the same director. Fear doesn’t seep in even as the mall shuts, lights go off and the girl finds herself trapped in severe cold.

This movie floats between a single dad-daughter saga and a survival drama. This story takes a long-winded road before getting to business, cops, and moral policies in a small town.

Janhvi Kapoor pleasantly surprised us with her drive to dive into unknown territory as a newcomer. Mili is an interesting movie however, the payoff is not quite the same.

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Set in an enclosed freezing cold habitat, the film features Janhvi’s Agni Pariksha as an actor. More than her struggle to survive and escape the freezer(-17 degrees). Dressed in modest Kurtis as an ordinary girl from Dehradun, she struggles to adapt and inhabit her surroundings.

Manoj Pahwa is excellent as Milli’s loving and lonely dad and Sunny Kaushal is likable as Mili’s boyfriend Sameer.

Mili is a one-time watch movie but surely an interesting one.


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