Review of the Movie Raksha Bandhan

Review of Movie Raksha Bandhan

¬†Himanshu Sharma & Kanika Dhillon’s regressive approach to the story isn’t the only issue with the film, it is narrated over the top. It just feels like an old soul in a young body at places, but I must say this movie will definitely connect with you.

This story is all about the brother’s responsibility and the sister’s wedding. There are some good dramatic portions as well, especially in the second half.

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Raksha Bandhan Movie Review: Star Performance

As always, Akshay Kumar does what he is best at i.e madcap comedy at command. In each and every movie, Akshay makes us fall for him even more. Even while overdoing, he always makes sure it somehow is entertaining and funny. While watching this movie I was reminded of Sachin Tichkule from the movie Khatta Meetha.

Coming to Bhumi Pednekar’s character who plays the role of Sapna was good. Her only motive in life is to get married to Kedarnath and nothing else. Here Bhumi controls the loud character without crossing any lines.

Last but not least Raksha Bandhan movie’s All four sisters are just about okay but with Sadia getting the maximum limelight.whereas SeemaPahwa’s character will bring some laughs. but she disappears in the second half.

Raksha Bandhan Songs Review:

Here we can see that Himesh Reshammiya is back with his superhits. Nooran’s sister’s Bidai song will definitely bring tears to the eyes in the second half.

Raksha Bandhan Movie Recommendation:

It’s a must-watch movie. So go and watch this movie with your loved ones.

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