Review of the movie Teacher 2022

Review of the movie Teacher

The teacher is a movie about sexual assault. It’s a story about Devika, her husband Sujith, and his colleagues in the incident’s aftermath proving even more disturbing.

Shahjahan’s casting is apt as one of the most annoying husbands in movie history. He gets all the misguided pearls of wisdom from a married colleague who represents the typical Malayali male sexiest with his own twisted ideas about what being a real man means.

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The film opens in the media and takes a while before telling us it’s been a month since the incident. This couple is waiting for the arrival of a third baby after a very long time. Things went amazing when Devika came to know that Devika is pregnant.

The teacher is a contained story limiting its focus only to a few characters, doing things quietly instead of waking up the whole neighborhood.

There are clever storytellers’ choices that keep the police and media from getting involved. Devika ponders filing a police complaint at one point, but this is a film with other ideas.

The teacher in the film suffers from tonal inconsistency in several places.

Manju Pillao does some goosebumps stories. Other Fiery moments such as the revelation of Devika possessing some abilities feel too sudden. The novelty factor is missing given the memory of a similar development in a recent Malayalam film.

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