Review of the movie Thai Massage 2022

Review of the movie Thai Massage

Thai Massage: As age increases life can get lonely for elderly people, more so after their spouse passes on. They are often denied pleasures-especially sexual and expected to lead a quiet life with a dedication to God. This movie tries to highlight this aspect and that age has nothing to do with sex.

Thai massage

The story begins with the highly regarded septuagenarian who loses his wife after devoting half of his life to her for 22 years as she was battling with paralysis. He is lonely and disheartened when he realizes he may have erectile dysfunction and may not indulge in fleshy pleasures he decides to take his life.

At the time he was about to take his life a young man came up to him and told him he had a solution to every problem. A saga of seeking pleasure that brings Aatmaram to Bangkok with Santulan’s help.

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Atmaram’s actions seem more outrageous in Thai massage. Highlighting that he’s a principled man, the film also portrays our tendency to quote respectability.

Even though the concept and thought are commendable and director Mangesh Hadawle captures the essence of a sleepy town, this movie is 122 minutes long, the narrative becomes long-drown and sluggish and low on the quirk quoting that other movies of the vein have.

There are a few funny sequences. Atmaram’s neighbor catches him watching a porn movie as he doesn’t know how to turn the computer off, and his young grandson is blamed for it.

Gajraj shows once again impresses with his finessed performance in the comic and emotional scenes. Divyendu does a good job too. but his character is unclear. There are a few funny sequences. Rajpal Yadav makes a cameo appearance, which is intended to be hilarious, but it falls flat and does not take the story forward in any manner.

Thai Massage has some funny moments especially Aatmaram gives an explanation to his son. Will you may enjoy it intermittently overall, the movie is underwhelming.

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