Review of the show Crash Course:

Review of the show Crash Course:

Crash Course is a show which follows the race between two institutes and the bad politics that takes a toll on the students in them. Students’ lives are put at risk to earn money and education and it becomes a business for leeches who only suck blood.

Crash Courses are made on the Indian education system which only gets darker. Kota sits on the top tier of that case study and the situation which happened in Kota is no less than a haunting nightmare. Crash Course is totally focused on the dark side of the game.

The new show created by Manish Hariprasad is already explored and marked by TVF.

Written by Hariprasad and Raina Roy, the show shifts its focus from the students to the mess behind the scenes and how the student’s life gets damaged and their living in Kota becomes a roller coaster. In this show, everyone is pushed to their limits. where students are least considering ending their lives. Students have the last drop of hope come back, but there are many students who end their life by hanging on to the ceiling, which was brutal.

It’s as if makers have a platter to binge on, but there are a few points where makers choose to stretch things that don’t necessarily require stretching.

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Crash Course: Recommendation

It’s a must-watch show, I bet you will start liking it from the first episode of it.

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