The Watcher

Review of The Watcher Season 1

Review of The Watcher

The Watcher, which leaves you with no answers, proceeded with endless charades of teasers to many. If you are a person who cannot bear to watch something so enticing with its twists and turns then The Watcher isn’t for you. But if that isn’t true, this will be the best show for you.

The Watcher is based on a true story that was covered here. The show has critical media attention and remains hidden from the average creative mind that could bring it to life in a dramatized version.

Seeing it come alive in this miniseries is even worse. A very tangible, compelling tension drives The Watcher into overdrive mode with no certain direction to take.

The success of any story or character rests on how well the groundwork is to make us root for them. In such an absence you can always feel a void and come out as an unsatisfied viewer.

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Dean’s character is the most endearing to us, despite his descent into paranoia in the latter half of the series. The writers drive the point home to showcase through dialogue how much the family man felt like a failure. In this show, he could not protest against his family, and the life he always dreamed of providing for them was snatched away from him.

But most importantly, it was the manner in which it was done to the Brannocks. Something missing in this regard was the impact that the events had on the entire family.

All the actors bring a piece of their signature styles to their roles. Cannavale’s explosive burst of emotions. Potpourri constantly keeps the drama alive.

The Watcher is a remarkable dramatization of an incredulous real-life event. The catch here is that both of those cannot be weighed.

This show is a perfect example of how the exciting flavor and penchant of a storyteller can transform a news piece into a full-fledged television show. The Watcher’s mystery will forever remain unresolved but do not let that stop you from watching how it all happened.

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