Review Plan A and Plan B

Review Plan A and Plan B

Plan A and Plan B is a story about men and a female whether entering into matrimony or opting out of it. this result is a flimsy affair that leaves far too much for the actors to salvage.

Streaming on Netflix, Plan A and Plan B which is directed by Shashanka Ghosh and written by Rajat Arora presents an uninspired take on the cliched opposites attracted to each other and delivers a facile tale that revolves around a matchmaker/marriage counselor and psychologist.

plan a plan b

No prizes for guessing, Nirali Vora and Kaustubh have no love lost for each other. Both people have been unlucky in their respective relationships and the past rubs off on how they deal with their obsessions and mental block.

Plan A and Plan B swing between the vacuous to the odious in search of a sweet spot.

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while the amiable Nirali on bringing people together and saving marriages that are on the brink of collapse the latter an attorney who specializes in divorce and child custody, derives pleasure from helping couples part ways for good.

Plan A and Plan B exhaust whatever potential it has in double quick time and gropes in the dark. That is where the film goes haywire.

Riteish does a great job of embodying the grumpy male protagonist where Tamannah serves as the ideal foil as a woman who represents positivity despite her own troubles. Poonam Dhillon although perky and buoyant does not exactly walk away with the film.

Kusha Kapila plays the heroine’s friend with confidence but the character does not evolve beyond being a mere sounding board.

Plan A and Plan B are far less intelligent than it thinks it is. it certainly isn’t notions that have been done to death by better, more impactful movies.

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