Streak: How to Bring Your Snapchat Streak 2023

Streak: How to bring back your Snapchat Streak 2023

To bring back your Snapchat streak, you need to send snaps to the person with whom you lost your spot. Here are some steps you can follow to restore your Snapchat streak:

Open Snapchat and go to the chat section.


Find a chat with the person with whom you lost your streak.

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Send a snap to that person. It can be a photo, video, or chat message.

Waiting for them to respond with a snap.

Once they send a snap back, you have started a new streak.

Keep sending snaps to each other every day to maintain the streak.

Make sure you don’t miss a day, as missing even a single day can break the streak.

Additionally, you can also turn on Snapchat notifications to remind you to send snaps of your streaks every day.


Remember, the more consecutive days you maintain a streak, the higher the number of the flame emoji will be.

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