Top 5 Cafes To Visit In Nainital

Top 5 Cafes To Visit In Nainital

Nainital is a popular tourist destination in India. There are several lovely cafes in the little lake town that are recognized for their comfort meals and stunning views. So it’s time to go now to experience the most picturesque view.

Here we are with a list of Cafes In Nainital

1. I Heart Cafe

English-inspired cottage-style cafe feels just like a friend’s home. It’s the ideal spot to spend an afternoon. Rustic wood tables, chalkboard menus, and contemporary and exposed bricks. The cafe has a lovely outdoor sitting area when the sun shines. If you want delicious comfort foods such as pizzas, muffins, shakes, sandwiches, and many more.

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2. Baker’s Hut

The charming bakery-cum-cafe at Hotel Pavilion is a tiny Parisian cafe. This cafe is usually busy with customers who love to appreciate their cakes, biscuits, bread, and rolls.

3. Cafe Chica

Hidden in the hills away from the constant stream of energetic visitors, this Cafe Chica has the commotion and bustle. This outdoor cafe is housed in a 140-year-old home that appears straight from the British era. There’s a lot to eat here in this cafe like roast chicken, soups, fish, grilled ham, salads, and many more.

4. Cafe De Mall

It is located immediately across the lake on Mall Road, with the most beautiful view of Naini Lake, you would love to stay here for hours and the best part of this cafe is that you can consume great chow at inexpensive costs. This cafe provides everything from breakfast to soups, snacks, and sizzlers.

5. Cafe Lakeside

This cafe is a must-visit for a perfect date. This cafe offers a breathtaking view of Naini Lake with delectable meals. This cafe serves Continental, Italian, Thai, and North Indian food. Visitors have the option to choose between outdoor and indoor seating. This restaurant offers a very relaxing atmosphere with a homely decor.

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