Top 5 contraceptive pills available in India in 2022

Top 5 contraceptive pills available in India

Birth control is a massive business in India.

Leading pharmaceutical companies have now started making top contraceptive pills in India that suit each and every woman, her budget, and lifestyle.

Nowadays any woman that wishes to prevent pregnancy for any reason will now have an unlimited choice of contraceptive pills.

Here we are with a list of the Top 5 Contraceptive pills

1. Mala-N 

Mala-N is an oral birth control pill produced by a state-owned pharmaceutical company. It is one of the most popular brands of contraceptive pills in India.

The government runs primary health centers across the country which are being dispensed everywhere for free.

Mala- N commercial variant is also known as Mala-D and is being sold at Rs.5 for a pack of 100 tablets.

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2. Ovral G

It’s a hormonal preparation containing Norgesterel and Ethinylestradiol. It’s a globally renowned birth control pill that is also available in India. This medicine is the largest selling brand of contraceptive pills in India which has to be taken continuously over a period of 20 days, without missing a single dose to have more effective results.



This pill contains a single ingredient, Levonorgestrel.iPill is the most popular emergency contraceptive pill in India, and it’s the first brand to enter the domestic market.

It works by delaying ovulation and it releases eggs for fertilization.


it is a top-rated emergency contraceptive pill. The pill contains levonorgestrel which helps delay ovulation and egg release. Just like every other emergency contraceptive pill, it works best when taken immediately after intimate contact.

5. Sirf Ek

As the name suggests, this pill is a single-dose emergency contraceptive pill. This contraceptive pill costs very little. It is usually promoted in semi-urban parts of the country. This emergency contraceptive pill is available throughout India.

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