Top 5 Exercises For Glutes You Should Follow

Top 5 Exercises For Glutes

Building muscle in your hips, glutes, and quads improve your stability and power as a runner and in other sports. This improves your performance and reduces your risk of injury.

Here is a list of exercises that will definitely help you


Starting with the great – The Bridge will not only work your glutes but also your abs and back. Working on core stabilization and glute strength might help in back pain. Get a resisitance band around your knees to make this exercise harder. Make sure to check these exercise mistakes before your start.

lying on your back. Bend your knees and lift your hips up until your body forms a straight line from your knees to your head. not too far forward or backward. if you feel this exercise creating strain in your back, make sure your abs are tight and you lift them from your hips, not from your chest.


Hip Thrust

The Hip Thrust is a must for everyone looking to have a stronger and bigger butt because it makes your butt work against an optimal angle. You can use the resistance band around your knees to make your glutes more active.

Support your upper back on a chair or a couch, bed, bench, so that the lower part of your shoulder blades is located on the edge of the surface. Look for a height where your chest and knees can be in a straight line. Keep your knees bent and push through the heels to lift your hips up from the ground. Try to use different foot positions to find an angle where you can feel your glutes really working.

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Fire Hydrant

This is an amazing exercise for an intense glute pump. Add a resistance band around your knees for more effective exercise.

Lift one leg to the side. try to go as high as you can without shifting your body to the side. Keep it stable and neutral. Try to initiate the movement from your glutes. Repeat with another leg.

Donkey kick

the donkey kick is one of the most popular moves for glutes exercise. It works great when used in a superset with the fire hydrant. Add a resistance band around your knees to make this exercise harder. Get on all fours. Lift one heel up towards the upward direction while keeping your knee bent. Try to initiate the movement from your glutes. It’s about activating your glute to lift your leg. Repeat with the other leg.

Curtsy Lunges

when you lunge in the forwarding direction it usually works on your front thighs but with curtsy lunges, you can feel the glutes really working.

stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Take a step back to the side, so that the back leg crosses behind your front leg. Keep the weight mainly on the front leg. Repeat on the other side as well.

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