Top 5 Pregnancy Kits in India

Top 5 Pregnancy Kits in India

In early pregnancy, most women do not yet have enough HCG in their urine to trigger positive test results. But nowadays it’s become very easy for all women to check if they are pregnant or not.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Pregnancy kits In India

1. Prega News

Prega News is one of the easiest and easiest available kits in India. This kit is a very convenient and easy way to test for pregnancy at home in just 1 minute. This kit includes a single-use detection card, disposable dropper, and silica granules to prevent it from moisture. With very few simple steps you get results in 2 minutes. If you get 2 lines on the control it indicates that you are pregnant while 1 pink line indicates that you are not. If you are planning to conceive or just want to confirm, this kit is a great choice.

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2. I-Can

Just like Prega News, the i-can pregnancy kit is the most reliable at-home test to determine if you are pregnant. This test should be taken six days after unprotected sex, but for best results, you should wait until the day of your missed periods.


3. Cipla Mamaxpert Rapid Pregnancy Test

This test can be done in the privacy of your home, and you’ll have the results in just 5 minutes. The kit contains everything you need, including a single-use pregnancy detection strip. This strip is 99% accurate.

4. Ovlo Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

Ovlo Plus Pregnancy Test Kit is the most advanced and easy-to-use pregnancy test on the market. The kit has a simple one-step design – just urinate on the absorbent tip of the stick or just dip it in a cup of urine. You’ll get results in just a few minutes.

5. I-Know Ovulation Detection Kit

This kit is especially important for women with variable cycle lengths, as it can be more difficult to predict when you will ovulate. Using this kit is very easy. You just need to collect a urine sample and dip the test strip into it. Once the strip changes color you get to know the results in just a few minutes.

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