Top 5 Sanitary Napkins Brands in India

Top 5 Sanitary Napkins Brands in India

Every girl/woman is worried about monthly discharges staining expensive panties. In that case, all you need is the best sanitary ware pads.

They prevent disease-causing bacteria and fungus from affecting sensitive parts of the female anatomy.

there are alot of panty liners that also come with fragrances intended to keep the offensive odor from affecting your personality.

List of Best Sanitary Pad Brands in India

1. Whisper

Whisper is one of the best and topmost selling sanitary napkin brands in India.

The brand is owned by Proctor. You can buy various kinds of cotton pads from this brand including ultra-XL,ultra-thin, winged, and ultra-heavy flow overnight. and many more.


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2. Stay Free

Coming next another best sanitary pads in India is made available by StayFree.

This pad range of feminine hygiene products is owned by Johnson & Johnson.StayFree brand ranks among the oldest in India. With this brand, you can buy ten different types of panty liners and sanitary pads from StayFree.These pads are made with the finest material and come for all needs including heavy flow.

Sanitary napkins

3. Kotex

A very famous brand of sanitary ware pads in India is made by the American company Kimberley-Clark.

In India, Kotex sanitary napkins are imported from Singapore and the Philippians.

Overall you will have to pay an almost similar price for using Kotex sanitary pads.

4. Carefree

Other sanitary napkins brands are made in India by Johnson and Johnson. The carefree range of sanitary napkins is economically priced. These napkins are available in various sizes from ultra-thin to ultra-large.

The brand is extensively marketed and is easily available across India.

5. Bella

Indian sanitary napkin brand for menstruation Bella.

this brand offers standard or regular sanitary pads for women who prefer extra thickness and comfort.

Bella also makes sophisticated panty liners and sanitary pads.

Bella’s ultra-thin sanitary napkins are claimed to be the only ‘breathable’ ones in India. which means they allow proper circulation of air to prevent bacteria build-up and odor.

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