Top 5 sex toys for Man

Top 5 sex toys for Man

According to a survey, the most number of sex toys sold were massagers for women whereas men prefer to buy lubricants.

Here is a list of the 5 sex products Indians buy are :

Lubricants: 18 %

Lubricants seem to be the most bought product by man. It seems that most Indians understand the importance of lubrication while having sex. This is the reason lubricants are featured right at the top.

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2.Intimate Massagers : 16%

It is said that massagers can increase sexual pleasure by several degrees and so with no surprise it is placed on the second number on the list to buy most purchased sex products.

3. Romantic, Fun items:13%

This is the kinkiest but adorable, but people are not willing to forget being romantic even during sex which is a good thing.

4. Pleasure Rings: 12 %

Pleasure rings are silicon rings that are used to maintain a firm erection for a long duration. you can buy this online for yourself or for your loved ones.

5. Delay Sprays: 14%

Delayed sprays are used to prolong sex. It was found that some sprays are made to increase intercourse time from seconds to even several minutes. These can also be found online.

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