Top 7 Tips to Cure Constipation (Now Say No To Awkward Situation)

Top 7 Tips to Cure Constipation

Headache, Fever, and Constipation- These are issues that we all face many times in our lifetime. Constipation might be the only one that irritates us the most and can be cured with home remedies.

Usually, some people might experience short-term constipation with travel, surgery, or temporary change in diet. On the other hand, some people might experience chronic 

constipation which lasts long.

1. Drink Water  

Being dehydrated on a daily basis can make a person constipated. To get cred from this, it is important to drink enough water and stay hydrated.

To get cured of constipation one should drink sparkling water. This can help them rehydrate and get things moving again in a good form.

According to research, it is found that sparkling water is more effective than tap water at relieving constipation.


2. Exercise

Exercise helps in making the stool softer by decreasing the time it takes for food to be in the large intestine. this can limit the amount of water absorbed from the stool into the body.

According to various research studies have reported that exercise could help improve the symptoms of constipation.

there are some other studies that have reported that although exercise did not always improve the number of times a person went to the washroom, it did reduce some symptoms and quality of life scores.

3. Drink Coffee/Ginger Tea/Lemon Tea

For some people, consuming coffee can increase the urge to go to the washroom. This 

is because sometimes coffee stimulates the muscles in the digestive system.

Coffee contains small amounts of soluble fibers that help in constipation by improving the balance of gut bacteria.

4. Maintain Bowel Hygiene

Whenever you feel the urge go to the toilet. Avoid delaying because keeping the stools for long in the bowl can make it even harder and dry and cause difficulty in bowel movement.

Maintaining a regular eating schedule can lead to a happy tummy.

5. Healthy Fats

Foods that contain healthy fats are essential for basic body functions. These kinds of fats can help in lubricating your intestine and help offer natural constipation relief.

You may include foods like nuts, avocados in your daily diet as they act as natural home remedies for constipation.

6. Raisins

Raisins have a laxative effect and might act as a quick remedy for constipation. They are known to contain tartaric acid and also have a high fiber content as well.

you can also consider having them with a bowl of yogurt.

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7. Try avoiding dairy

There are some people with an intolerance to it, Eating dairy can cause constipation due to its effect on gut movement.

Children who are intolerant to cow’s milk protein and adults with lactose intolerance.

Dairy Intolerance may cause constipation in some people.

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