Why Men Are Different From Women (8 Truth About Men)

Top 8 facts about men

1. Men prefer loose clothes with age
The clothes we wear affect the way we feel. Moreover, clothes affect the way surrounding perceive us. This is the reason Man in suits feels more confident at a business meeting.
However, the choice of clothes changes with age. For example, many young men wear tight pants or shorts although it is not so comfortable. with age, the desire to be a hunk is replaced by the desire to wear loose and comfortable clothes.


2. Men stare at girls for pretty much a year of their life- does one know??

A person spends forty-three minutes on a daily basis staring at ten totally different girls. This amounts to 259 hours that is nearly eleven days annually. As a result of the age between eighteen and fifty, men pay virtually eleven months and eleven days loving ladies. whereas girls scrutinize men for just twenty minutes on a daily basis. That is, girls between eighteen and fifty, pay solely half-dozen months on this activity. consistent with a survey, it was absolutely conjointly found that the foremost appropriate places to watch strangers of the alternative sex area unit supermarkets, nightclubs, and pubs.

3. Men eat doubly the maximum amount once they square measure with women-

It might appear strange and funny however it could be a fact: men eat additional once they have lunch and dinner with a girl. for instance, they eat ninety-three additional food and eighty-six additional dishes than they might eat the corporate of men.

According to analysis, this finished that men get it on so as to impress ladies. it would appear silly, however these square measure another time the reality.

4. Men like women with a healthy weight-

According to the University of Granada, it is proved that men prefer slim women who look healthy. it doesn’t mean those who don’t have a fever or who don’t get sick but those whose weight looks healthy.

This means that men are attracted not by the ideal of beauty or the ones who weigh the same as a feather but by women whose weight and growth are correlated normally.

5. Men bend over to pick up an object whereas women squat

Have you ever noticed that men pick up a fallen object by bending over it while women squat? of course, not everyone does it this way, but this behavior is typical for most people.

Perhaps this is because women often wear uncomfortable clothes( shirt or tight). Men are less likely to be restrained by clothing, so they can bend easily.

6. Men try to attract the attention of a girl if they keep their thumbs on their belt-

When a person desires to indicate to a girl that he’s fascinated by her, he involuntarily takes a cause that demonstrates that he’s heroic and powerful. Usually, a person holds his thumbs hooked to the belt of his pants.

Nowadays, such a gesture would be indecent, however, we have a tendency to still have its echoes.

7. Men-like compliments from alternative men-

There is AN opinion that men settle for compliments from the alternative sex with pleasure. however, indeed, they’re a lot happier with compliments from men. and sexual orientation doesn’t matter here. per university analysis, folks settle for compliments “smoothly” and provide thanks for them solely half-hour of their time. And within the case of a person receiving a compliment from another man, it’ll possibly be perceived as one thing pleasant and increase his shallowness.

8. Men are friends through their interests-

According to a research that analyzed the research on friendship among women and men. As a result, he came to the conclusion that friendship between men is mainly based on common interests. they like to play soccer, golf, tennis, poker, or watch the matches of their favorite team along with their friends.

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