Top 8 Facts about Women (Do It In Private)

Top 8 Facts about women you must know

Women’s love Pampering

Women love pampering themselves. Everyone knows self-love is the best form of love. Whenever women get some me-time, they never mind trying out a new lip shade, hair and face masks, and many more. Women enjoy their time while doing so. Sometimes women even try out different makeup and hairstyles as well. Women love to visit parlors for no reason.

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Women love Stalking their Crush

Another point which women love to do is stalk their exes and their crush on every social media platform for several hours. Women are too good at getting as much information as possible about their crushes and ex. Men too do it, so do women’s.

Women’s Bra-

Every woman has a love-hate relationship with her bra. There are many women who step outside without bras, but most of the women take their bras off as soon as they reach home and are alone. Women love to keep a lot of bras in their collections. This is also one of the most liberating moments of a women’s day.

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Best at keeping secrets-

Why should men have all the fun? Women too love doing things, especially when they are alone, which will definitely surprise you. A perfect woman to enjoy not-so-perfect habits, some love to dig their nose some farts in sleep. Surprised to learn more, check out whacqy.com.

A mirror is every woman’s best friend when they have nobody around. Admiring their natural glow, popping blackheads, pulling out unwanted hair, and keeping a tab on those pestering pimples top the to-do list of every woman when they have some intimate moment with a mirror.

Women’s Hate Taking Risks

You might have noticed one or another time that women are worse risk-takers than men, and there is a scientific reason behind that. The cortex part of the brain that weighs options when making a decision is larger in women than in men.


Style over Comfort

This point does not need any big explanation – rather a social one. Society has been pressing women for a decade to hold themselves to a certain standard, be it small feet or a perky behind, and this results in the majority of women choosing stylish clothes and shoes over comfort. That sexy move, which will otherwise look awkward when done with a partner, turns out to be her favorite when she is alone. It’s the best time to try out the latest belly dance move or the booty shake.


Women love to stand naked in front of the mirror and observe their bodies. women do check on their extra kilos, body acne and they also love to inspect how the latest lingerie looks on her, or simply examine her breasts for no reason – I think we all do it once in a while in our lives. Women love to watch themselves in private and to check their new clothes thousands of times.

Strange but true, many love to chat while taking a dump. In fact, the comforting silence in a washroom is therapeutic and one can make life-changing decisions during the moments spent inside that closed room. Hard to believe, but six out of ten girls cry inside a washroom after a break-up and come out of it only after they arrive at a decision.

Reading Faces

From the beginning of their lives, women are better at reading faces, gestures, and even voice tones which makes them superior social leaders. Women are too good at judging people’s intentions in one go. It is said that women judge people too quickly compared to men.

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