Top 10 Perfumes for Women in INDIA

Top Perfumes For Women in INDIA

1. A Fragrance Story

This made-in-India brand believes that an extraordinary fragrance starts with a pleasing aroma and ends with countless memories. Each Gorgeous Bottle made by them is of top-notch quality and clearly justifies their beliefs. we can stop gushing about their Pink City, City of Lakes, Goa, and Ladakh and you’ve gotta believe us when we say that these perfumes need to be in your vanity.

Price 699 onwards

A Fragnance Story Perfumes

2. Calvin Klein

A luxury American fashion house, Calvin Klein specializes in various business segments. Being one of the best perfume brands for women in the world, CK fragrances are specifically created to leave your senses enthralled. Calvin Klein perfumes have become the world’s favorite fragrances. A perfect blend of fruity and flowery fragrances, these Calvin Klein perfumes are perfect picks for women.

Price 2000 onwards


Miss Dior is another fragrance from our luxury list. Miss Dior Eau de Toilette is a floral affair, fresh as a whirlwind. This amazing fragrance comes in a pretty glass bottle with Dior carved on it. A bottle of this one will cost you around Rs. 5,000/- for 50ml. The brand is easily available in multi-brand showrooms like Shoppers Stop and Lifestyle. You can also buy a gift card for these stores and gift your loved ones the freedom to choose their favorite franchise.


Playboy’s Sexy Eau De Perfume for women is a steal deal at Rs.849/- for the kind of fragrance that it has, totally captivating as the name says Play It Sexy, Playboy is one amazing choice to purchase a perfume for women under 1000.

The bottle is as attractive as the fragrance and is easily available online as well as offline.

5. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Owning victoria’s secret products is every women’s dream. The good news is that Victoria’s Secret has launched many stores in India and we cannot keep calm. All the products from Victoria’s Secret are top class be it lingerie, makeup, and clothing, I strongly recommend Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau De Perfume.

The scent is absolute magic that will sprinkle a dreamy fragrance wherever you go.

This award-winning fragrance can be worn over moisturizers without having the fear of smells mixing together. A bottle of this beauty will cost you Rs.6,250 but it’s a total game-changer. buy it and thank me later.

6. Body Cupid Aqua Wave Perfume

Smelling fresh is indispensable, especially in summers. This wish can be fulfilled with the Body Cupid Aqua Wave Perfume.
This long-lasting perfume has notes of mint, green nuances, lavender, coriander, rosemary, geranium, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, and amber.
With such components, your senses will get energized easily. Even if you sweat profusely, the smell of this fragrance is strong enough to mask it for hours.
This versatile perfume can be worn during daytime activities as well as evening parties. It will linger on, giving you a sense of blossom and floral.

7.Engage W2 Perfume Spray For Women

If you want something casual and fun, you must get the Engage W2 Perfume Spray For Women.

This perfume spray contains a blend of mandarin, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla balsam. Such a combination ensures that you smell like a garden throughout the day without any overpowering smell.

A few subtle hints of a fruity yet classy fragrance make this perfume spray adaptable and multifaceted. In other words, you can wear this perfume to your office as well as to dinners.

It comes in a reliable and transparent bottle. The metal spray head remains sturdy and makes it easier to use.

8.MINISO Color of life EDT Perfume for Women’s Long Lasting, Lollipop Pink

If you already know about MINISO, you would be reasonably familiar with its range of perfumes. Not only are they easy on the pocket, but they smell incredible with a long-lasting fragrance.

Out of all the MINISO perfumes, our favorite is the MINISO Color of life EDT Perfume for Women Long Lasting, Lollipop Pink .

This perfume gives you a subtle freshness, even after hours of applying it. So, if you want something for your regular office or college, this must be on your shopping list.

9.Secret Temptation Romance Eau De Parfum For Women

If you are looking forward to a romantic evening and want to come off as charming and irresistible, look no further than the Secret Temptation Romance Eau De Parfum for Women.

This perfume has a delightful fragrance with layers of floral, fruity, and earthy smell.

It is made with Citrus, hyacinth, jasmine, orange blossom, muguet, animalic, mossy, and oriental. With a varying set of components, the first smell that hits you is a blend of flowers and fruits. Secondly, you get a whiff of freshness that will instantly energize your mood. Once it sets on the skin, it leaves behind a sweet aroma.

Due to such a blend of fragrances, you can use this perfume every day or save it for special occasions.

10.Ramsons Exotica Eau De Parfum

The Ramsons Exotica Eau De Parfum is a good perfume if you want to experiment a little bit. What we mean is its fragrance is not like other perfumes with a fruity undertone. It has a feminine smell with a hint of oriental.

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