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Welcome to Eden- Review 2022

Welcome to Eden- Review 2022

Netflix keeps pushing for international production. It seems like every week we can have a new movie or tv show made out of Hollywood that is being released on the platform. Here’s a new Spanish show, Welcome to Eden just got published on Netflix.

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Welcome to Eden is a Tv series created by Joaquin Gorriz Guillermo Lopez. It tells the story of a group of teens who after being invited to a party and then forced into becoming part of a cult with a lot of mysterious intentions. Here the teens will find out that escaping the island will be a lot harder than they think.

Welcome to Eden is a teen drama, as you will see many beautiful people in this show. This show is basically a mix combination of Lost, The Hunger Game, The 100, and Squid Game.

All of these shows are just amazing.

Here the production takes advantage of its beautiful locations, and the islands themselves become the center of the show. You will see that there are plenty of times when the show calls the island a paradise of the Earth, and you will feel it is true to its lines. The twists and turns are pretty obvious and it will be interesting to see how the creators will manage to take this concept into further seasons.

Here A subplot involving Zoa’s younger sister seems to be quite more engaging than the other characters. You will really buy the fact that she is worried about her sister and she really needs to find her as she knows something is wrong with her.

Welcome to Eden offers some entertainment. If the show manages to go beyond this first season, then this show can definitely find its own identity. The episodes are only 30 minutes long and I bet you can watch this show without blinking.

Throughout the season of the show, you will be introduced to several characters one after the other from inside and outside Eden.

Everything becomes more mysterious with the revelation of Isaac, paid by Max Sampietro, who is a young actor and did several projects even at such a young age.

Not to spoil your watch, I would like to recommend you all watch this show on Netflix.

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